Ninja zone is our ninja Warrior inspired program.

Ninja zone is a thrilling new sport geared towards  4yr old boys and girls up to adults and is fused by elements of;


martial arts

obstacle course training

freestyle movement

Ninja sport includes combinations of flips, rolls and kicks that are designed to improve total body coordination, build strength and improve agility. Follow us on face book to keep up to date with the introduction of this exciting new sport.

Ninja zone is an awesome free-style playground for athletes, requiring agility, strength & coordination, where you will run, jump, swing, vault, and muscle your way through to the end.

Ninja zone  combines obstacles & free running features of varying difficulty that can be explored as stand-alone challenges or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression.

It’s designed to allow challenge and diversity for athletes looking to push themselves both mentally and physically.

Get hooked, and start working your way towards becoming the next Ninja Warrior Champion!


Ninja zone is $15  per lesson, plus annual registration fee of $30, uniform pack is $28, includes t shirt and ninja head band and grip socks.

Price for group bookings for ninja course depends on the number of participants and length of session between $15 and $20 per person


Ninja zone will be offered  Wed and Fri nights and saturday mornings. Free G Ninja Warrior Park is open for  group bookings min 10, to sporting groups and schools. 

For Group Bookings please see contact us via email,


  • ninja warrior park – group bookings only min 10
  • One participant per obstacle at a time
  • Only attempt obstacles within your skill level
  • Lace-up, flat-soled and closed toe sports shoes must be worn at all times
  • Watch out for other participants at all times to ensure adequate spacing
  • Ask a coach for assistance if necessary